Travel Beauty Checklist – Vegas Edition


Las Vegas is about bright lights, glitz, glamour and fun that doesn’t quit. Every time I visit, I feel compelled to capture the look myself. Vegas is a place where you can let your hair hang down and bring the sparkliest sequined outfits with you. What are the beauty rules of engagement in a city known for decadence and debauchery? Let me tell you the most essential aspects of your travel beauty checklist, if you’re headed to Vegas!

#1 – Hair removal. Obvious but essential! If you’re leaving a cold climate and headed to Vegas during the winter or early spring, then your legs maybe haven’t seen sunlight in a while. Get yourself ready for maximum exposure by reaching for your hair removal method of choice. I usually reach for a depilatory (I have a thing for Veet’s fast acting gel cream.) but when shaving is your only option I can’t recommend the Venus/Olay razor more highly. It truly does make shaving effortless and will leave your situation silky smooth.

#2 – Sunscreen. Don’t ever underestimate that Las Vegas sun! Even on days when the sun is hidden behind cloud cover or doesn’t seem as “hot,” you are getting exposure to those dangerous rays and risking sun damage. Before stepping foot outside, make sure you’re wearing a great SPF protector for your face and your body. I’m a fan of Mario Badescu’s Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF 30 for face.

#3 – Primer. Vegas is HOT. And you’ll probably be walking around in the heat or in crowded, sweaty spaces more than you expect. I don’t leave the hotel without applying my primers – call me the prime minister, if you will. Here are my favorites and for a climate like Vegas, I recommend you use a separate foundation primer and eye primer, to make sure your makeup lasts and you’re SPF protected everywhere!

#4 – Bronzer. Where better to go bronze than in Vegas? It’s the perfect place to sport a J.Lo inspired glow. For a super sizzling Vegas night time look, we’re loving Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess collection or for a budget version, don’t sleep on Sonia Kashuk’s bare illuminating bronzer. So sexy in the sunlight!

#5 – Lip stain or lip liner. Last but certainly not least , with all the sipping, nibbling and fun you’ll be having, you don’t want to have to worry about your lipstick being all gone by the end of a hot Vegas night. A good lip liner or stain will make sure when you blow on those dice, your pout will look like good luck and not bad decisions. Our favorite stain du jour is by Make Up For Ever. Aqua Rouge will last all day and all night, and all you need is a little gloss to bump up the brightness as the evening progresses.