Travel Sized Products to Pack for Your Next Getaway


With the never-ending Polar Vortex, a constant onslaught of snow and every other natural disaster Mother Nature is casting down on us this winter, it’s only natural to feel the need to escape. So if you’re lucky enough to fly away from the slippery sidewalks and icy temps, remember that your beauty routine when travelling should be supremely effective, long lasting, and easy to carry.

For travel products, you’ve got a few choices in terms of where to get your items. I’m not a one stop shopper when it comes to awesome travel products; I’m an equal opportunity acquirer. Allow me to share with you a few of my favorite places to obtain travel beauty products, as well as my top picks of products for you to add to your collection. You can find awesome travel sized beauty products here —

Your nearest Target, drugstore or supermarket – This is where you’ll find your miniature toothpaste and mouthwash, mainstream body washes, lotions and other travel sized necessities like Johnson’s Baby Powder. – If you’re looking for a more high end travel sized product experience, look here. Besides cult and niche beauty brand you’ll find cool kits by Murad, H2O Plus, Devacurl, Ole Henriksen and more.

Beauty boxes –Most beauty boxes will mix in fun size products with full size products, and that’s a great way to discover new beauty favorites while on the road. A subscription to Birchbox, Curlbox, Cocotique or We Are Onyx could be a great idea and lead to new awesomeness in your life.

The hotel itself – Certain hotels are known for having great beauty brands in house. It’s so reassuring to check into a nice hotel and discover a fabulous new body wash in an unusual fragrance awaiting you in the bathroom. True beauty junkies might even tailor their stay based on the products at their favorite hotel. My latest favorites include Thann at the Marriott chain, Bliss at the W, and L’Occitane at the Four Seasons.

Where do you get your travel sized beauty and bath products?

Happy Travels!

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