Trendy Tech To Travel With


Think back to ten or fifteen years ago, when your smartphone wasn’t constantly attached to your hand. However did we get by? How did we know where we were going or which restaurants to eat at? So many questions, unanswered by instantly Googling. Such dark days. Now we live in a society where not only do we have instant access to information at our fingertips, but we can play Candy Crush Saga on the device that allows us to do it.

Technology is amazing. And it’s becoming increasingly stylish and attractive. Now you can choose a phone charger that matches your lifestyle and travel with portable speakers that match your shoes. The future is now! Allow me to introduce you to some of the cool tech items I travel with, and the items that are on my radar. Each of these picks are small enough to fit into your travel bag, and can come in your favorite color!

  1. Halo charger from QVC: Coming in at just under $60, the HALO 5500mAh is my go-to for traveling. It packs enough power to recharge my phone to full battery at least three times, and it comes with an attachment to recharge whatever you need, from iPads and iPhones to your Android smartphones. Plus it comes in cool colors. The slender Halo 2200 will recharge your phone on the go, and it gets extra cool points for coming in leopard.
  2. The Everpurse: Might be the coolest new concept in trendy technology. Imagine a beautiful clutch purse you can literally just drop your phone into, for an instant charge. You keep your phone in the charging pocket during the day and your phone stays juiced. Amazing! And fabulous. The emerald croc-pattern leather – designed by Chicago’s own Laudi Vidni – is on my list of fall fashion must haves.
  3. When it comes to portable sound, Divoom Bluetune Solo is my go-to Bluetooth speaker of choice. It’s little and cute and comes in fun colors (hello, orange), and it packs a wallop of bass. Plus it can hold a charge for far longer than most other portable speakers I’ve tried, and it comes with a microphone inside for hands free phone calls.
  4. The PopRock MiniBoom is also a cute little speaker that comes in fun colors, but it also acts as a phone stand when you need it. Very handy for ladies like myself, who like to set up a mini music station in the bathroom to elevate the bubblebath experience.
  5. If you’re traveling for business, maybe you need more function and less fashion. I discovered the Tylt Power Plant via Glasses N Glitter’s helpful fashion week tech post. It’s got enough juice to charge you, a friend, and another friend. And it’s light enough to slip into your stylish backpack with ease.

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