Tress Talk from Top Stylists for a Happy Hairstyle Day


Whether we fry it, dye it, or lay it to the side, hair is a large part of our identity. And those who handle it day in and day out deserve the recognition for allof the tender loving care they put into our tresses. In honor of Hairstylist Appreciation Day, we turned to the top stylists to share their sage wisdom on keeping our strands soft, healthy, and manageable, even when you’re not in their chair:

“Treat your hair like your skin by finding a stylist who understands your individual needs and investing in quality products. Women consult with experts for their unique skin problems, and I believe your hair should be just as valued.” – FredericFekkai

“Invest in a new hair brush! This will make a HUGE difference in the overall finish of your hair. If the bristles give you a good grip on your hair when turning the brush about a ¼ inch, I guarantee your hair will blow out sleeker and fuller. The tension is key in smoothing out the cuticle. Usually a good brush will have boar or nylon bristles.” – Jeanie Syfu, TRESemme stylist

“Clamp your index and middle fingers around the ends of your hair to pull it straight as you blow-dry. You'll get better tension than using a brush, so hair dries straighter and shinier. Plus, it's faster because you're not fiddling with brushes.” – Duffy, Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Global Ambassador

“To tame flyaways and baby hairs, use a clean mascara wand, spray with hairspray and then brush over the flyaways.” – Ben Skervin, Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Fashion & Celebrity Hairstylist

“Choose a brush which is right for your hair length. If you want waves and curls, make sure your hair can wrap around the brush a couple of times. If you want to just add volume, a larger brush is ideal. If you want smooth straight hair, I always recommend a large paddle brush to help smooth and add a great shine as you dry.” – Mark Hill

“Cold air & water are your friend! Rinse your hair with cool water before getting out of the shower to add shine and keep out frizz. Also, when blow drying your hair, use cold air after each section is completely dry to lock in shine. Doing this will also set your style and help it last for days!” – Olivia Halpin, DreamDry Senior Stylist

“Make sure you use the correct brush to achieve your desired look. For a smooth, straight look use a Mason Pearson brush as
this will give you optimal frizz free hair with shine as well as help protect the hair when drying. For a fuller bouncy look, use an all boar's hair round brush to create more movement and bend in the hair. Always remember with any look you are trying to create, do not over dry the hair as this will create fly aways and frizz.” – Patrick Melville