Trick or Treat for Grown-Ups

This jumbo candy-inspired cocktail makes a great grown-up treat. Gather your friends and shake things up this Halloween… What a silly, spooky sipper!

The Trick or Treat
21/4 oz Bacardi Light
21/4 oz Meyers Rum
11/4 oz Bacardi 151
21/2 oz pineapple juice
21/2 oz orange juice
11/4 oz sour mix
11/4 oz Grenadine

Garnish with sour or regular Gummy Worms. Place necessary amount of silly straws.

Fill glass completely with ice and add all ingredients. Use a spoon to stir the drink until all ingredients are combined. It should be a pinkish red color. Throw in a handful of Gummy Worms and the appropriate amount of silly straws needed.