Trick to Try: Newspaper Print Nails

We're pretty simple when it comes to our nails. An inky black manicure is our go-to look as of late, but after spotting newspaper print over a pared-down putty pastel hue, we're starting to rethink our polish position. Seen onOlive Coco Mag and La Passion du Nail Art, below please find their tips on creating this DIY legible look:

What You'll Need:
▪A shot glass
▪Rubbing alcohol
▪Base coat
▪Clear top coat
▪Pastel nail polish
▪10 small strips of newspaper—bonus points if you use the Sunday Styles section!

Step One: Apply one base coat followed by two coats of your pastel nail color. Allow to completely dry.
Step Two: Pour rubbing alcohol into a shot glass and dip a fingertip in.
Step Three: Cover damp nail with a strip of newspaper and firmly press in place for 30 seconds. Slowly peel newspaper off and allow to dry. Repeat on other fingertips.
Step Four: Set with a top coat.

Cute, right?! Try it and let us know what you think!