Tropical Travel: One Dress, Three Ways



When packing for vacation, the key is to minimize pieces by maximizing wears. One of the most versatile items you can pack? A maxi dress. From strolling through town to getting dressed up for dinner to walking to and from the beach, a well designed (and well accessorized) maxi dress has the ability to carry you through a tropical vacation. Bonus: You’ll also cut down on baggage fees, which simply means more money that can be invested in your wardrobe or cute souveniers for friends and family!

1. Merona Maxi Cami Dress, $29.99

2. Xhileration Suit, $33

3. Mossimo Lena Flip Flops, $11.88

4. Mossimo Backpack, $29.99

5. Mossimo Lakitia Sandals, $19.99

6. Mossimo Mini Crossbody, $14.99

7. Merona Clutch, $12.99

8. Mossimo Pembroke Wedge Sandal, $29.99