Tune In: Mary-Kate and Ashley Recap ‘Full House’ On ‘Ellen’


It’s been almost 19 years since we last sang along to asked “What ever happened to predictability?” Lucky for fans of the family-friendly Full House, a light finally carried Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen home… and onto the hot seat at The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The elusive, entrepreneurial twins—who hadn’t made a televised appearance since their last time on Ellen in 2010—stopped by Ellen DeGeneres’s daytime spot to promote their two, new Elizabeth and James Nirvana fragrances, which they say represent the “duality” of their brand—and come at a much more affordable price point than their new $1500 nylon bag. Of course, the interview took on a Flashback Friday turn, with talk of the sisters’s Full House era, and the show’s longevity, taking center stage.

“It’s incredible,” the paid shared. “People who grew up with us are now having kids and now they’re watching it. It’s still relevant, and it’s amazing.”

Of course, DeGeneres, queen of the #selfie, took advantage of the novel moment, encouraging the 27-year-old lifestyle designers to open up with a fun game of “Me or Her” where they revealed which is the messiest of the two, the funniest, and who could survive for 25 days on the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid.

Watch a clip of the Olsens’s return to the ’tube below!