Turn Up – 5 Essential Eyeliners That Don’t Need A Sharpener


It is 2013 and let's be honest—there are certain kinds of beauty products that at this point just seems slightly outdated. Pencil eyeliner would be at the top of my makeup pet peeve list. Anything that requires the use of a sharpener tends to work my last nerve. Many eyeliners are at least considerate enough to be made of a material that sharpens off in one smooth loop of pencil shavings. The ones I loathe are the pencils that have the audacity to splinter when sharpened. We have no time for anything that requires that much dedication, in order to make it work. We need our beauty and we need it now!

This post is dedicated to celebrating the effortless nature of the “self sharpening” or twist up eyeliner. With a twist of the hand or a few clicks of a pencil, you’ve got a perfect point with which to adorn your eyes. Genius!

Here are five of my favorites:

  1. Becca Automatic Eye Pencil: It lasts forever, and it comes with a smudger on the end. Perfection!
  2. Lancome Le Stylo: One of the most beloved self-sharpening eyeliners, Le Stylo always keeps the perfect point for application.
  3. Jordana Easyliner for Eyes: super cheap and comes in a great array of colors.
  4. Cover Girl Exact Eyelights: Love the concept of this eyeliner, which compliments your exact eye color. Self sharpening, super easy to use.
  5. Anastasia Covet Waterproof Eyeliner: Anastasia’s eye makeup is amazing, and her Covet eyeliner has become a go-to for me! Effortlessly glidey and long lasting.

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