U by Kotex Ban the Bland Contest—There’s Still Time to Enter!

Annoyed with how plain your feminine care products look? Yeah—we are too. That's why we decided to do something about it. Earlier this year we entered U By Kotex's Band The Bland contest where we designed a new maxi pad—one that speaks to who we are as über creative individuals! Even Pat Field (Sex and The City costume designer) got in on the fun. We recently chatted with the eccentric fashionista about her involvement in the Ban the Bland project, and how she has helped change the look of feminine care.

What do you think of UbK’s message about feminine care?
The message is take matters into your own hands with your own personal style and celebrate the fact that you are a woman. This speaks to me because I think that women should feel confident in themselves and inspired to make changes in the world.

Tell us about your designs for U by Kotex?
I have created a tin that holds the products that you can carry in your bag. I am very happy with the outcome of the tins and hope everyone will enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed designing then. There’s a wide variety to choose from which to me is very much the point of the project. The choices are yours…take them.

How do you feel about the look of feminine care products on the shelves today? Boring? Obvious?
I would prefer to see some more design influence and color in feminine care products as well as many other products. Nothing is mundane unless you make it mundane. Everything can be elevated. It’s up to all of us to make changes and bring new things into existence which is why I’m excited about the Ban the Bland contest. Young women can go to www.banthebland.com to design a pad, accessory or inspiration board and help to change feminine care.

What is the one accessory every girl should have this season?
A tin from Patricia Field and U by Kotex.

Head over to BanTheBland.com to get started on your design—you have until Wednesday June 29th to submit!