Ultherapy Offers an Anti-Aging Alternative

Going under the knife or getting Botox may seem like a drastic way to get rid of aging skin, but now getting that refreshed and youthful look doesn't require any downtime. Ulthera is a new technology that provides the lifting effect of surgery without the risks, and it is the first FDA approved noninvasive face and neck treatment. According to leading dermatologist and Ultherapy practitioner, Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, it uses ultrasound technology to penetrate the skin’s layers with energy to recondition and strengthen the skin’s support network of collagen fibers.

“Ultherapy is unique in its ability to deliver heat to the deepest support structures of the skin – which was never able to be accomplished before without surgery,” she explained.

With one session results can start immediately with some skin contraction and firming, and over a period of two to three months, the skin will naturally build itself back up and shift for a more youthful appearance without looking you had work done.

There is no need to worry about risks or serious side effects. Since the therapy is energy based, it can work with any skin type or tone without the risk of irritation or hyperpigmentation.

“The area may be slightly sore and a little swollen after treatment, but most patients are able to resume regular activities immediately after treatment,” Dr. Tanzi said.

The procedure takes only an hour to complete with no associated downtime, so you can keep your vacation days. It’s not limited to just women – men are able to redefine their jawlines and loosen deep-set wrinkles in just one session. Younger patients may also use the technology as an anti-aging tool to delay the onset of wrinkles. Regaining youthful skin has just gotten easier.

For more information or to find a Ulthera practitioner near you, please visit Ulthera.com.

Want to see an Ultherapy transformation yourself? Check out the video below:

Meet Jennifer: Ultherapy Before & After Story from Ultherapy on Vimeo.