Undergoing Ultherapy with Jacqueline Laurita

Ultherapy is one of the newest anti-aging technologies on the market meant to revitalize your looks minus any downtime. Using ultrasound technology to re-sculpt the face, it penetrates the skin’s layers to strengthen the network of collagen fibers in a gradual process. Many viewers may not have noticed, but New Jersey Housewife Jacqueline Laurita recently underwent the transformation with the help of Dr. William Song. Glam recently got the chance to gab with the Bravo-lebrity to learn about her experience with the treatment, living life in front of the camera, and a few of her favorite beauty buys.

What prompted you to try Ultherapy?
I did it because I had gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant – 55 pounds – so when I lost the weight I had this neck issue. So I didn’t want to do anything where I’d be cutting open my face, and I really don’t have time for downtime because we’re either filming or doing appearances, or I’ve got little kids and I’m running around, so I need something where I’m in-and-out with little to no downtime. Dr. Song had introduced me to Ultherapy and I went home on the computer to do some more research on it. And so I decided I was going to go that route. So I had him do my eyebrow, which, he said three months for this part, and it definitely rose overnight. You start to see it and one day I just noticed. I’m like, “Wow! It’s higher; I love it!” And I went back in and I did my neck, and it’s been about a month and a half but it takes about three months, really, to get a good result, and then it keeps going for six months and it can last up to a year.

Are there any factors that can affect the results of the treatment?

Everybody’s different; I mean it depends on how well you take care of your skin. If you’re not using sunscreen, if you’re a smoker, if you’re out in the sun a lot, you’ll probably age faster than somebody who is taking care of their skin. So [it] really all depends on your own natural aging process.

Was there any pain or discomfort?
When I went in, he told me, “here’s a medication for the discomfort,” and I’m the type of person, I don’t take medication, I don’t take medicine, I don’t do that. I like to drink, though, but that’s the only one! So I said no, I turned it down. And you know, it was tolerable and he would take breaks if I asked him to, and I definitely felt it, but for the amount of time, and he did take breaks when I asked, it was completely worth it, like I would definitely do it again, and I did do it again. But the next time I went in, I was like, “Alright, I’ll take it.” You know, it was much easier when I took the medication. So, now I know why people take it. But it was a good experience. I’m very open; so all my friends know if I need Botox – if I do this, everyone’s going to know about it because I just like to share whatever I learn with people. A lot of my friends are private and they don’t like people to know that they’ve done something – they’re just like, “Oh, I just, used a new foundation, moisturizer, or yoga – right, yeah, it’s yoga.” So for those people, it’s the perfect thing because it’s so gradual, it just happens over time, and people just all of a sudden people are like, “Wow, you look really refreshed. You look good,” but they can’t pinpoint what it is because they know you didn’t go in for surgery cause they see you, so it’s perfect.

What do you attribute to your openness about yourself?
I’ve always been like that. I’ve always been an open book; I don’t want to give false presence with somebody because there’s a lot of girls growing up [that] have body issues and everything, and they’ll look at people [but they] look at what they don’t tell you, and it makes you feel bad. It’s like, “Well okay, yes, I look toned because I do Botox!” I want people to know, so they may want it, they may not want it. But to me, I just don’t feel like I need to hide it. Who cares if I did it? I don’t care! [Laughs] I’ve just always been like that, and people will talk either way. Because I’m so open about it, people who make fun of me, because I put it out there so much that I do Botox, I’m not ashamed because I do [use] Botox, so how can I get offended by that? It’s like, “Do you hate me now, or do you not want to be my friend because I do Botox?” And those people I probably wouldn’t want in my life anyway, so there.

What did your friends and family think of the treatment?
I have about 30 family members over every weekend. I’m the entertainment house. Sometimes, they don’t say anything for a while and then all of a sudden they’re like, “You look really good today. What’d you do?” You know, it’s like, “Nothing! I didn’t do anything recently – it was like three months ago.” So I think people just notice that something’s looking better. I also color my hair, so people are like, “I like your hair blonde better, you look younger,” or whatever, I’m like – [laughs]. I tricked them with the hair. It’s the color, but if they ask me, I’ll tell them.

Do you think if you weren’t on Bravo, that you would’ve done it, or you would’ve been attune to what was going on?
Yeah, I would’ve anyway. Because I’m just very into makeup and skin care, and I’ve just always been like that. I started doing Botox before we started filming. I had deep lines in my forehead because I make a lot of expressions when I talk. And it was where I could still see them, so a friend introduced me to it and I did it, and I’m like, “Oh my God, it ironed it!” I love it. So that was that. But with this, people that just want maybe a little lift on their eyebrow, that’s what Ultherapy’s good for because you’ll get that lift without having to inject with Botox. Or you could do it in combination with the Botox, and then just be smooth and lifted, or you might not need it everywhere. I like to do it between my brows. Sometimes I’ve gone too far with my lips before, [but] nothing’s permanent so you just let it go and then you’re back to normal and you just tweak it from there.

Since we’re on the subject, what are your top three beauty items that you always have in your bag?
Mascara – I like Maybelline Volum’ Express Colossal masacra. I always have to have mascara. I always have to have my sunscreen – Dr. Song’s sunscreen I like. I always have lipgloss. Right now I’m using Super Orgasm by NARS, my blush/bronze duo, which is NARS – the Laguna/Orgasm one. Especially now that it’s getting hotter, instead of having powder, I get oily [and] Sephora makes the oil-blotting papers. I just do that to keep it matte without having to cake your makeup over and over. It takes the shine away without having to keep putting [powder] on. And, let’s see – oh, concealer! Hello! I always have concealer. I like Le Metier de Beaute; that’s the best concealer, just cause it goes on so nice. It’s a little pricey, but you know what, that’s the one item I think that’s good to have for circles, blemishes, whatever. I just love it. So those are the ones I have to have.

We have to ask — how’s the show going?
God, the season that’s airing now was my most stressful season ever. So much was going on off-camera that it was so hard for me to adjust on camera. So I was just like, “Oh, my God, I can’t even handle this right now.” It was just so much pressure to [handle], “Don’t say this, say that, and say that.” It was just a lot. And with my daughter going, I was worried sick about her. And I have my little ones who needed a lot of attention. And it was just so much. And I see it in my face. When I look at this season, I look tired and stressed and I was. I was crying all season.

You weren’t on the last reunion, are you going to be on this reunion?
Oh, hell yeah! I couldn’t go to the last one. I had been literally up crying all night. I was a complete basket case – I was just crying and upset. It wasn’t anything that happened the night before. It was more like a buildup of what was going on the entire season and I just came to a breaking point. I was mad at everybody and I was disgusted with everybody, and there was a setup and, Teresa wasn’t the only one involved – there were four people involved in this. And it was disgusting. That upset me [along with] everything that was building up. And I knew going to the reunion I could not discuss anything because we filmed our finale of season four the night before the third season reunion. So we were filming the fourth season – the one that’s airing now – the whole time three was airing. So I couldn’t talk about any reason why I was upset because third season everything was fine, really. So I couldn’t discuss one thing because it hadn’t happened yet.

Since you weren’t at the reunion, were you yelling at the TV when it aired?
When the reunion aired, it had been two and a half weeks after it was shot. So people thought I was tweeting during the reunion, like, “Oh, you stayed home but you’re tweeting!” I’m like, “It was two and a half weeks later. I’m over it now. Now I’m just pissed.” [Laughs] So time had passed, but there were things said that I’m like, “That’s a straight off lie! You are flat out lying right now.” So, yeah, there are things that bothered me. But anything that I wanted to say I already said.

For more information on Ulthera, please visit Ultherapy.com.