Undo Your Weekend Skin Damage with Shiseido


Ahh, the life of a young professional! Between late nights at the office, bar hopping and partying on the weekends, and a less than full (or nutritional) fridge, our skin can take a huge beating — not to mention the rest of your body. But Shiseido is aiming to erase the damage and fight against premature aging with its new Ibuki line.

Formulated for Millenials, the new 7-piece skin care range is powered by the brand’s proprietary PhytoResist Complex, including trehalose and white nettle, to keep cells moisturized and filled out; TMG to boost the skin’s barrier function; and yuzu seed extract to optimize cells’ shape and condition. It’s all meant to keep our skin in top shape, even when we don’t care for it like we should, preventing problems like oiliness, visible pores, rough and dull skin.

“The introduction of Ibuki is a huge opportunity for us, as it presents a chance to introduce a comprehensive skin-care regimen to Millenials during a critical time of their exploration and adaptation of beauty products,” Heidi Manheimer, chief executive of Shiseido America told Women’s Wear Daily. “This line is designed as a jumping-off point for serious skin care.”

Translating to inner strength and breathe, there’s no better name than Ibuki for a line like this!

Available in September at department and specialty nationwide for $24-$45.