(Union) Jack Up Your Style for London 2012

We’re smitten with London-inspired styles lately as the symbolic stripes of the Union Jack remind us of how fabulous British accents are. Of course we sound a little odd when we try out the sophisticated speech ourselves, but at least the fashion is more accessible. And while we’re open to wearing the Union Jack everywhere, we’re most likely to wear the flag at out fingers with items like bags, bracelets and guidebooks – because we’ll need all the help we can get while navigating the tube on the way to afternoon tea. These stylish Union Jack-ed items are sure to summon more than a few admiring gazes, which you might acknowledge with a regal and well-rehearsed smile-and-wave.

Judith Leiber Union Jack Pattern Crystal Clutch, $3,495 at JudithLeiber.com.
Jimmy Choo Candy Union Jack Acrylic Clutch, $795 at Net-A-Porter.com.
Gucci Olympic Aviator Sunglasses, $285 at ShopBop.com.
Ted Baker INTACON International Ikon Bag, £35 at TedBaker.com.
Smythson of Bond Street Bunting Cards, $70 at Smythson.com.
Smythson of Bond Street London A to Z Book, $280 at Smythson.com.
Links of London 2012 Team GB Band, $25 at JohnLewis.com.
Links of London 2012 Rose Gold Disc Charm, $430 at LinksofLondon.com.
Gemvara Limited Edition Stackable Rings, $160 – $208 at Gemvara.com.
Lulu Guiness Union Jack Snakeskin Lips Clutch, $565 at LuluGuiness.com.
RayBan Wayfarer London Special Series #8, $160 at Nordstrom.com.