Uniqlo Offers Hair Style Suggestions for the Season


It’s easy to fall into a hairstyle rut, especially when braiding isn’t in your bag of beauty tricks. Uniqlo has crafted a series of hairdos to pair with their freshest looks for the season to ensure your tresses are just as carefully coifed at their styles as we shift into Fall.

Uniqlo's HairDo provides you with a step-by-step on how to handle each ‘do for 16 ensemble suggestions with gifs and links to purchase what the models are wearing. You can start out simple if you’re in a rush with a Slick Braid or challenge yourself with a Lily Quif if you have the time (and patience) with plenty of styles to suit your skill set.

Given that many of the fall runways stuck to blowouts and buns, these are are a great way to shake up your hair looks!