Unleash Your Inner Freak with Illamasqua

We’ve all got an alter ego inside us just dying to get out. The more uninhibited side of our personality defies social conventions and remains hidden until we’re behind closed doors to be unleashed. Cult British beauty brand Illamasqua is setting everyone free to indulge in their dark side and own the night with its recently released fragrance, Freak. The fragrance blends dangerously exotic blooms like Opium Flower, Belladonna, Poison Hemlock, and Queen of the Night with Frankincense, Oudh, and Myrrh to create a mesmerizing fragrance that is impossible to resist.

Creative Director Alex Box described the fragrance as “romantic and sinister” and its ability to connect to those wanting to embrace all sides of their personality through a short poem. “Freak is you, freak is me, freak is her, freak is he, freak’s who you are and want to be, freak’s the door, freak’s the key, freak it out, freak is free,” she said.

Face the strange. Transform yourself with one spritz and leave everyone under your spell.

Available at Sephora.com for $90.