Update On The Lingerie Mirage: Penelope Cruz’s Film for L’Agent



The lone, desperate traveller in Penelope Cruz's film for L’Agent by Agent Provocateur might be really, super thirsty, but we can’t say we feel too bad for him. As he crawls through the desert, he comes across a group of scantily clad models doing some kind of an aerobics-inspired dance (choreographed by Tracy Anderson), as opposed to the expected water oasis mirage. Depending on whom you’re talking to, he lucked out.

Over the course of 3 minutes and 28 seconds, things only get steamier. Obviously, since it’s the desert and everything, there’s minimal clothing save for brightly colored L’Agent lingerie. Once the man, played by model Jon K, gets closer to the girls, they start pouring water on themselves. And he licks it off their legs, natch.

Cruz, who directed the film and designs L’Agent along with her sister Monica Cruz, looks on from a red Cadillac as the girls smother him with their thong-wearing selves. Poor Jon K blacks out, only to wake up beside an empty water bottle and some straight-up granny panties. It looks to us like he wants more ”water,” don’t you think?