V Magazine Plays Peek-a-Boo with Kate Upton


For Kate Upton’s fifth cover with V magazine, editor Stephen Gan, wanted something, um, different.

“Each time I saw her at a shoot, she had become bigger and bigger star, and her physique, more and more notorious,” Gan told Women’s Wear Daily. “It has always intrigued me, as I’m sure it has to most readers, how someone gets embraced by the general public for taking their clothes off and loved by the fashion world for keeping them on.”

So what was the compromise?

The magazine created a peel-back acetate cover of Upton, dressed byNicola Formichettipersonally, in a Nicola Formichetti denim bodysuit for Diesel, next to the title of the cover story: “Why Can’t Kate Upton Keep Her Clothes On?” After the reader peels back the cover, there is Kate Upton, posing in a bikini.

Upton was completely game for the cover. After all, she aims to “make all of her covers unique, even when in a bikini.” As for why she can’t seem to keep her clothes on, the swimsuit model oh, so eloquently told WWD, “Because I don’t want to!”

Pick up your copy of the innovative cover when it hits newsstands on January 16th.