Vanessa Hudgens Channels Fall Leaves With Her New Hair


For a night that focused on kisses for a cause, it was suitable that the lip gloss-obsessed Vanessa Hudgens was our hostess. At ULTA’s Donate with a Kiss event, the lovely, bubbly actress walked the red carpet in a black velvet vintage dress, hot pink pumps and a clutch, before finding time to chat with us. In between bites of cotton candy and lipstick touchups at the Kiss Kart, Vanessa shared her makeup addictions and the inspiration behind her brand new fall hair.

If we were to look inside your adorable pink clutch, what would we find?
You would only find lip gloss, a phone, a credit card and a key. I’m a simple girl.

What’s your go-to product to keep your lips soft and kissable?
I think Rosebud Salve. It’s so nice and smells good.

When you’re doing a kissing scene, how do they avoid getting it all over your face?
Yeah, that’s definitely something they plan out in advance. You gotta put on the lipstick that doesn’t move, or you wipe off the lip gloss. It’s very strategic. It’s not romantic.

What inspired this new hair color?
I wanted to be a fall leaf…Mother Autumn! I got it done at a salon in Brooklyn called Hello Gorgeous.

When you walk into ULTA, where do you go first?
Probably cosmetics – lips. I’m addicted to lip colors. I feel like if you don’t have anything on your face but you have an awesome lip color, you’ll feel great.

What’s your favorite fall lip color?
There’s this one by Stila…they have these Stay All Day Lip Colors. They’re a cream, and they’re amazing. And there’s this one that is this burgundy color that matches my hair perfectly. I love darker, mauve-y colors.

Do you end up buying more than you go in for when you go there?
Always. Beauty supply trips are my favorite girl outings, by far. It’s an addiction.