Venus Takes a Stand for "&"

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As soon as we first entered school, we learned to assign labels to those we meet whether it was the nerd, the goth, or the princess. In fact, a recent survey found that women around the world assign a label to someone in five minutes or less. But what many don’t realize is that by labeling others, we also put labels (and limitations) on ourselves. Now Venus is looking to go beyond our signifiers to prove we are greater than the sum of our parts. Gone are the goddesses of yore with silky smooth legs…and not much else. The brand is kicking off its new “Use Your And” campaign to inspire women to stand up against being slapped with one-dimensional labels, such as emotional, nerdy, or aggressive, and unlock their potential. As such, the brand released a new video that celebrates not only our individuality but our multi-dimensionality – all to a remixed version of “She’s Got It.”The brand also partnered with Claudia Chan, the founder of the S.H.E. Summit Global Conference, to educate everyone in identifying their stereotypical labels and empowering them to move beyond them, embracing their andalong the way. Chan believes that if women realize their potential, they can change the world and will share her expertise via Venus’ brand and social channels so we have more than just #MotivationMonday to inspire us.We’re already seeing this shift with women breaking boundaries from the boardroom to the pop charts and beyond, and the path leads all the way to the top. We just have to embrace every facet and see what under the surface in others. Haven’t seen the video yet? Check out the clip below: httpv://