Venus Williams’s Line: “EleVen” Is Better Than A 10


Don’t get us wrong, we love sports, but we love clothes more. And naturally when we do anything active, our outfit is high on the list of priorities, which otherwise consists of things like achieving a flat tummy and someday running a half-marathon. Enter: Venus Williams, world-class athlete and designer to boot, to make our gym ensembles totally functional, but more importantly, really cute.

Her Spring/Summer 2014 collection for her active wear line EleVen is full of abstract prints, punchy brights, flattering cuts, and (do we even have to say it?) lots of spandex. While Williams herself admits that her go-to style is always a skirt, the line features collared tops, cropped leggings, breathable jackets, second-skin tanks, and made-for-the-court dresses. The line is completely fashion-forward, drawing inspiration from runway looks and the latest trends. “I feel passionate about active wear, but I went to school for fashion design as well, so I wanted to make full use of my education,” she told Glam. She’s truly a hybrid of fashion and athletics, and her line is just the same. Stylish and practical, EleVen boasts pieces that’ll make you feel like kicking some serious butt in the gym or on the court.

And like any fashionista, the number one requirement for her EleVen designs is that they fit and feel good because when push comes to shove, Williams wears her own designs on the court. Along with her simple beauty routine–she confessed to wearing little makeup but is a part of the “eyeliner club”–and her “eat well” mantra, EleVen makes her unstoppable both on and off the court.“EleVen is all about merging performance and style at the same time and never forgetting either one,” she explained. “But it’s also about living a healthy life. Being an ‘EleVen’ means bringing your best you – being better than a 10.” We can’t wait to see what her “11” is when she hits the court at the U.S. Open in just a few weeks.