Victoria Beckham Clearly Adores Rodial Stretch MX

When you're part of one of the world's most photographed couples, naturally you always want to look your best. Never mind the fact that Victoria Beckham just gave birth to her fourth child—Harper Seven Beckham—last weekend, she's already heavy into makeover mode.

We've mentioned her love affair with Rodial Stretch MXbefore, but we're assuming it's intensified, as the Daily Mail is reporting that a whopping 50 BOTTLES were recently delivered to the Beckham's Beverly Hills abode, costing the gorgeous couple roughly $5000—a drop in the bucket obviously.

This miracle-in-a-bottle gel and fruit acid formulation visibly reduces stretch marks while firming skin and stimulating cellular renewal. We're not sure how often she plans to use it, as results are said to be seen after only eight weeks of twice-daily use. Perhaps she plans to apply twice-hourly?

Anyway, head over to pick up your bottle—before Victoria goes to re-up!—for $95.