Victoria Beckham: Posh To Present


Spice Girls lovers might be hard-pressed to recall a time when Posh Spice wasn’t the epitome of chic. While some might say that Victoria Beckham’s 90’s alter ego is a thing of the past, we’ll argue that it has merely undergone a transformation (and maybe a slight make-under).

In Business of Fashion’s second special print edition, The Companies & Culture Issue, cover star Posh Sp—err—Victoria Beckham, reveals that things as a Spice Girl weren’t always all peace signs and little-Gucci-dresses. In terms of her fashion image, Beckham wasn’t taken seriously. “Insiders remember a time when brands would call her representatives to ask that she please not wear their clothes, even if she had bought them herself. They did not want to be associated with the perky breasts, pouty poses and over-dyed blonde bob that had come to define her style in the post-Spice Girls days.” While we remember those days as ones pleasantly filled with glitter, light-wash denim and Spice Girls cassette tapes, perhaps to Posh, the memories aren’t as fond.

“For a long time there, I was a bit of a laughingstock,” she admits (as we, die-hard Spice Girls fans, gasp in disbelief). “And while everybody was busy laughing, what was I doing? I was laying the foundation to what I have in place now.” Touché, Posh, touché. As karma would have it, it looks like Beckham is on the laughing end of the whole look-who’s-laughing-now situation.

Though she might have appeared as a bit of a “Wannabe” that no one in the fashion industry really wanted at all, she used her girl-power attitude to turn things around. She’s since traded in her miniskirts and platform boots for more streamlined to-the-knee dresses and boots by the likes of Saint Laurent. Her designs, of course, are the prime example of how much her taste and aesthetic truly transformed from her days as a pop star. We can breathe easy knowing that her trademark stoic stare has stood the test of time.

Through her transformation from Posh to the Victoria Beckham we revere today, this entrepreneur garnered positive attention from the fashion industry. Such attention put her on the fashion map as she built her namesake business, which turned over $50 million in sales in 2013. So, how’s that for a Hi Cy Ya—Hold tight?