Victoria Beckham’s Surprising Styling Skills


It might be hard to imagine Victoria Beckham being seen as low maintenance thanks to her impeccable style, but Ken Paves is unveiling the truth about her styling skills.

After working with pop-star-turned-designer for seven years, Paves admitted that Beckham is surprisingly handy with a hairbrush. “She is great at doing her own hair,” he exclusively told Grazia in honor of the upcoming release of his book, You Are Beautiful. “She can do a wicked ponytail and great waves by tonging it. Sometimes we’re together and I say, ‘Oh my god, your hair looks amazing, did somebody come over?’ She’s like ‘No.’”

He also noted that he bases his styles after his clients’ wardrobe with Beckham’s as one of the best, which is no surprise to us. “I always go through my client’s wardrobe before deciding on their hairstyle,” he explained. “I admire her because the best thing about fashion is that it’s all about the edit. Victoria does the greatest edit of all. Everything is so streamlined and it’s all organized. Her closet is not enormous by any means.”

If VB can style her own strands, there's no reason why we can't practice on our own tresses!