Vivienne Tam Wants You to Rock the Runway



Social media has shaken up the way we look at fashion, and Vivienne Tam is taking it to the next level. The renowned designer has partnered with WeChat to find the next model “It” girl who will have the chance to fly out to New York to rock the runway in Tam’s Spring 2015 show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Simply download WeChat and visit the contest microsite, here, to enter for a chance to be the next Vivienne Tam runway model before the submissions close on July 25, 2014 (11:59PM ET)! We chatted with Tam to find out how to stand out in the social media contest, how to make geek chic, and how to define your style.

What are you looking for in a runway ready model?

There are so many amazing good-looking girls, and they just didn’t have a chance to come to New York. I’m looking for the girls that have a lot of confidence. They love fashion and have a passion about clothes. I think that’s very important that they have beauty inside and out. I’m looking for a sense of style and can transform when I [have them] try on different clothes.

You’ve worked a lot with tech, what does it take to make geek chic?

It’s part of our lives; we cannot live without the technology. It’s like my mission to make the technology beautiful and most fashionable to use. It’s part of my job [is] to make things beautiful to make things more than just functional.

What was your first fashion show experience like?

When I was young, instead of playing with dolls, I loved pretending to be a model, draping fabrics on myself and walking and posing like a model. I would also dress my brother and sister and style all the looks with my own accessories–designed and made by myself. It was so much fun and creative!

Actually, I was modeling my own fashion show when I was in school. It was really exciting to get makeup and hair done and dress in my own clothes. I found it really great experience. I remember the first time putting on high heels and learning how to walk and to have a certain style when you’re on the runway. When a lot of people are looking at you, you have to make sure that you’re not shy.


What are some places in this world that inspire you?

I love Yunnan; they have beautiful embroidery and tie-dies that are really amazing there. The colors and the people and how they make the embroideries. Even though its's hot they're always wearing all these beautiful embroidery dresses. I love India and Bali; they are part of the world the colors…the fabrics are so beautiful. Bali’s colorful prints and the sea, the plants, the flowers are just so amazing.

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?

I think have your own style. Personal style doesn’t follow trends. I think fashion is about how you present yourself to look beautiful. My mother told me how you feel is most important and then when you feel good people will think that you look great.