Vivienne Westwood Chops Off Her Hair in Support of the Environment


Vivienne Westwood took to the Paris runways to express her love for nature and ongoing support for the world’s rainforest with a “melting pot of ethnic dress” (WWD). But post-fashion week, the designer took to a more personal mode of demonstrating her activism: shaving her head.

Besides the fact that it’s the cool thing to ‘do these days (pun intended), Westwood made it clear that she didn’t get rid of her rich red locks for no reason. The 72-year-old joined a protest in her local borough on Wednesday which opposed “the sale of long-standing house co-operatives,” the Telegraph reports. Last month, Westwood announced that she wouldn’t be expanding her business in the interest of focusing on Greenpeace’s work to protect the Arctic.

A spokesperson for Westwood explains, “Vivienne cut her hair as we all must wake up to Climate Change. And secondly, she wanted to cut the red out for a while and have it white—to show she’s proud of her age.” (Even if she wasn’t proud, we vaguely recall recently seeing a certain music mogul wearing some form of Westwood-designed headwear that would conceal the cut).

Clearly, the designer is merely standing by her belief that people buy too many clothes and “should invest in the world” instead. While we don’t think we’ll ever give up on clothes completely, we certainly admire her activism—and the new close crop makes those red lips really pop, don’t you think?