WATCH: Beyonce and Nicki Minaj Are Flawless in France


Wake up. ***Flawless. Post up. ***Flawless. Turn a surprise remix into a surprise Parisian performance, then surprise fans by releasing a video of said live show. You guessed it: ***Flawless.

The proclamation is now nearly synonymous with Beyoncé, thanks to her self-proclaimed feminist ideals, laid over a trap beat, with a Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie assist. When she added in a NSFW verse from Nicki Minaj—we love this Bey—consider our lives received.

Now, for fans who 1) missed the On The Run Tour live (can’t say you’re a true fan if you did), and 2) didn’t watch the Carters’ French finale on HBO (by now, we’re judging you), there’s this:

The Queen Bey and her Parkwood Entertainment royals were gracious enough to drop a taped performance of a “***Flawless” French run, complete with Onika’s cameo. And, well, there’s not much more to say after that… except that Blue Ivy was probably in VIP doing this: