We All Want Love: The Top 5 Celebrity Couples of 2012


We see them shining on the red carpet in couture straight off the runway and flying private from one hot locale to the next. We sneak into their luxurious St. Tropez yachts and get paparazzi access to their multi-million dollar homes, from the exquisite penthouses in New York City to the lavish spreads in the hills of Los Angeles. And we also see them blissfully in love: from the music-making couple that trumped all others on Forbes' annual list, to the unlikely two who the world grew to love and obsess over. As the year winds down, we're taking a trip down 2012's love lane to bring you the best couples of the year. Between babies and bling, these famous lovers made headlines all year round.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé
This powerhouse couple not only welcomed their beautiful daughter Blue Ivy into the world, but both breadwinners experienced platinum-selling success. Beyoncé's fourth studio album, aptly titled 4, sold over one million copies and along with her endorsement deals and other ventures, she managed to net $40 million. Her hubby, Jay-Z kept busy on the road, touring with Watch The Throne mate Kanye West, breaking ground at Barclays with the Brooklyn Nets, and gaining residuals from his work with beauty company Carol's Daughter, to the tune of $38 million. The major players pair nabbed the top spot on Forbes' list of high-earning celebrity couples, proving that the music magnates will continue to reign supreme well into the new year.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
This duo hasn't even been dating for a year yet, and already, they've been dubbed KimYe: the leather and fur-loving pair that the world has grown to know and (maybe) love. At first glance, they might seem like an unlikely couple. There's Kanye, the elusive rapper who has shied away from mainstream interviews and instead relies on chart-topping tunes and his unique affinity for high fashion to make a name. Then, there's Kim, the Twitter-loving socialite who lives her life out in front of the camera for all to see, faux bangs and all. But, with their front row appearances, love of leather in the summer, and Kanye's gift of “Mercy” to Kim, this was a match in (tabloid) heaven!

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
This pair's inclusion on our top couple's list should come at no surprise, especially when nuptials and a pink Giambattista Valli Haute Couture wedding gown come into play. After a five-year relationship and shocking March 2011 split, the couple reunited right in time for Mr. Timberlake to pop the question in December of last year. Fast forward to October 19, 2012 when the Hollywood starlets flew 100 of their closest friends and family to the Borgo Egnazia resort in Italy where they finally said “I Do!” Now, on to the baby bump watch!

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham
Here's to the U.K.'s other royals! The brooding Beckhams charted in at number three on Forbes' highest-paid celebrity couples list, and looked picture perfect while doing so. Although David is leaving the Los Angeles Galaxy (and the U.S.?), he still has endorsements with Samsung, Burger King and H&M — who can forget those underwear ads? As far as Victoria, she just so happened to perform at the London Olympics for the Spice Girls' highly-anticipated reunion, and continues to run her namesake designer label, which pulls in $40 million a year. Plus, when your offspring models in a Burberry ad, à la Romeo Beckham, there's no denying how major of a couple you are.

Kate Middleton and Prince William
And now, on to the real royal family. What would 2012 be without Catherine — Duchess of Cambridge and her dashing Prince William? Their 2011 wedding — watched by nearly 300 million worldwide — was one thing, but now, the honorable newlyweds have topped that. They're having a baby! Congrats are certainly in order, but we have to inquire, is it a boy or a girl?!