Wear Wearstler

When we finally acquire our Malibu dream house, we'll definitely be calling on Kelly Wearstler to decorate it. We've long had a girl crush on the enchanting interior designer and have found ourselves spending far too much time at various Viceroy properties just to experience a bit of her aesthetic. So we were obviously thrilled when we heard Wearstler was launching her own ready-to-wear and accessories collection and were even more excited to see it firsthand during fashion week on 5F at Bergdorf Goodman. Now with the launch of her own e-commerce site, the tastemaker's creative separates and unique accoutrements are just a click away.

We suggest you follow Wearstler's fashion mantra, which is to “take risks and have fun,” and scoop up some of her inspired style essentials. Consider these pieces wearable works of art!

Kelly Wearstler Rose Pyramid Necklace, $425
Kelly Wearstler Gypsum Blazer, $595
Kelly Wearstler Stone Cube Rings, $225 each
Kelly Wearstler Ivy Skirt, $265
Kelly Wearstler Pleated Clutch With a Jewel Box Enclosure, $850