Wedding Bells are Ringing for Chrissy Teigen – And We Have Secrets from Her Nuptials!


Swimsuit model turned social media maven, Chrissy Teigen is currently enjoying one of the most romantic times in anyone's life: her engagement! Though she's not sharing the specific date of when she'll walk down the aisle, her wedding to John Legend is quickly approaching, and the bubbly model is finally sharing a few details regarding her nuptials.

To prep for her big day, Gillette Venus threw their spokesmodel a shower on the rooftop of a hotel in midtown Manhattan. In a perfection combination of celebrations, a cake in the shape of a bathtub and cupcakes with (faux) Venus & Olay Sugarberry razors were on display – to celebrate both Teigen and the newest offerings in shaving!

Thanks to a little game of Two Truths and a Lie, we were able to glean a few wedding secrets!

  1. She's not having a traditional cake. “I’m not a big cake person, I’m not into sweets at all so one of my must haves is a crepe cake with a couple hundred layers and it’s filled with pasty cream. Lady M here in New York City does the best crepe cake. It’s crepe upon crepe upon crepe. It’s layered in pastry cream and they drizzle it with raspberry sauce.”
  2. Teigen and Legend are having a destination wedding. “We’re going to do a destination wedding, I’m going to be away from all of my favorite things so I’m going to have to bring all of my favorites myself which makes me nervous. I’m going to be really nervous about even packing for this thing in general.”
  3. She's a little bit traditional—and a little bit sexy. “Three things a bride needs: under eye pads, my Venus Olay razor—we’re going to do one of those garter tosses, do people still do that? Because I felt like I was going to be old school doing that—because I have to preserve the sexy, I have this thing about preserving the sexy. What’s my third thing? Some sexy lingerie.”
  4. She has four wedding dresses. Yes, four.