Weekend Watch: Jay Z Births ‘Picasso Baby’ Tonight on HBO


Want your chance to catch a few GLAM girls hanging with Hov?

Tonight at 11:00 p.m. EST on HBO, Jay Z will premiere the highly-anticipated clip to “Picasso Baby,” an experience that Channing Hargrove and I were there to see first-handMark Romanek, who directed the production and Jay's iconic “99 Problems” visuals, helmed the 6-hour performance art feat, which includes cameos from the likes of Marina Abramovi?WaleJudd ApatowAlexander Wang, and Adam Driver.

“Jay is so charismatic that you'll see there's a lack of awareness of the cameras in this piece,” Romanek told Vulture. “I'm excited for people to see it. It doesn't look like any other music video.”

Obviously, with our potential GLAM cameos, it'll truly be one of a kind.

“Honestly, from beginning to end, the whole thing was a surprise. It could have been a dud, it could have not worked, but instead, it's ten minutes of people being unbelievably happy and excited to be there,” Romanek added.

Catch HBO's tease of the 10-minute video below, and make sure you tune in for the Magna Carta masterpiece.