Weekend Watch: Starz Serves Up More of ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’


The world has marveled at Leonardo da Vinci's masterpieces for centuries—literally—from the late 15th century's The Last Supper to art's most prestigious work, Mona Lisa, circa 1503. Famed for carving out the Renaissance Era's prominent humanist art form, historians, artisans, and aficionados of da Vinci's work have longed for an intimate look at the man behind the art. That's where Starz comes in to play!

The cable network premiered Da Vinci's Demons last Friday, a historical fantasy that delves into the life of the prolific artist on a quest for truth, reason, and freedom at the age of 25. Though tonight only marks the second episode of the new drama, Starz has already ordered up a second season to air in 2014. With Tom Riley starring as the title character and The Dark Knight co-writer David S. Goyer on board, the show brought in 2.14 million viewers, marking the biggest premiere in the network's history and ushering in an end to the Spartacus era (which had its finale an hour before Da Vinci's debut). With those numbers and Starz's confidence delving deeper into da Vinci's life, why not open a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and wind down from a busy week with Starz's newest hit?

Episode two, “The Serpent,” will air tonight on Starz at 9:00 p.m. EST.