Weekend Watch: The Return of ‘Mad Men’ with Season Six


We're going to keep this one short and sweet because, well, it's the weekend. But if you know GLAM—from our mad about mod phase to queries on just what new episodes like “The Doorway” and “Collaborations” have in store—you know we've been tediously counting down the return of Jon Hamm,Jessica Paré,and January Jones in season six of AMC's Mad Men. And it's been a major tease the entire ride.

To save you from sourcing throughout the web for the perfect hint of what's in store for the debonair Don Draper—and all his bedroom-to-boardroom dalliances—we've rounded up six of our favorite promos for the April 7th premiere. So before you prep the party trays, cocktails, and '60s swag for Sunday's two-hour watch party check them out. And, if you're really in for a Sterling Cooper catch-up, get your plastic ready and sign up for Netflix, where the entire Mad Men series awaits. After all, you'd want to be in the loop about the affair of the year, right?!