We’ve Got the Blues: Blue Eyeliner for Spring


We’ve got blue eyeliner on our minds after peeping the sophisticated and understated looks at the Michael Kors and Stella McCartney spring 2013 runway shows. The colors from McCartney’s line were bold and bright—and the eyeliner was no exception. McCartney worked with makeup artist Pat McGrath to create a look that matched her designs: vivid in color with minimalist lines. McGrath lined just the bottom rims of the models’ eyes with blue and kept the rest of the look fresh and clean. “Stella is always about fresh and natural skin, but she loved the idea of using turquoise in the eyes.” McGrath said. Instead of sending models down the runway with traditional liner, Kors went with “floating eyeliner,” with a dash of blue above the models’ lids. Makeup artist Dick Page applied a highlighter on the upper lash line to make the lids pop and the brilliant liner stand out even more. Page skipped blush for a bare look and kept lips a natural rosy pink. Want to re-create these daring eyeliner looks for yourself? Meet both these runway looks in the middle by lining your upper lid with glossy liquid liner. We love Maybelline Master 2-1 Liquid Linerin glossy teal or navy gleam for a smooth finish. Keep the rest of your look natural and your hair shiny and polished.