What Hairstyle Will Hollywood’s Dramatic Leading Ladies Wear to the Golden Globes?


Awards season has arrived and with it predictions of what gorgeous gowns will hit the red carpet. While we wait to see who will take home the Golden Globes for Best Actress in a Drama, we turned to TRESemmé stylist Tyler Laswell to get his insight on what styles these screen sirens should rock come Sunday. Check out his predictions below:

Cate Blanchett— I love when Cate's hair is off her face because it’s so gorgeous and should never be hidden. I think the hair should be simple, with lots of natural volume (the messier the better), no part, and all brushed back into a loose french twist – a classic look with a modern twist. Fingers crossed; hopefully she is rocking her signature blonde with a little bit of roots!

How to get the look: TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Mousse is the perfect way to create the natural volume.

Sandra Bullock — Sandra loves when her hair is fun but still sexy. I know she's been really rocking the beach texture look, and I think she should keep it. But I would love to see her really surprise everyone. I hope she adds a deep side part and creates a loose fishtail braid all to one side, incorporating her beachy texture. Really roughing up the braid so it is not perfect, allowing the texture to still shine through.

How to get the look: With this look it is important to keep the texture natural, but not too frizzy. When braiding, I love to run a small amount of TRESemmé Anti-Frizz Secret Smoothing Creme through the mid-lengths and ends.

Judi Dench — I am sure that we will see the lovely Judi rocking her picture-perfect pixie. Not everyone can pull this look off, but this classic beauty takes the pixie to a whole new level!

How to get the look: A pixie cut, while it looks low maintenance, is anything but. The only down side is every layer, flip, and spike has its place. A great hands-off way to give this style red carpet shine is with TRESemmé No Frizz Shine Spray.

Emma Thompson — I see the fabulous Miss Thompson in a Grecian style, her short hair wavy with the perfect amount of volume and a soft side part. I would love to see her bangs up off of her face and looking like they we brushed back off to the side using her fingers. Overall, I hope to see her in a soft understated yet elegant look.

How to get the look: The key with this look is that it stays soft and touchable, but not out of control. My secret weapon for looks like this is TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray.

Kate Winslet — Kate is always a showstopper with her hair up. With that being said, I would love to see it up but with a soft and sexy texture. Definitely a side part so that soft, sexy textured hair can sweep across her forehead with the occasional piece that might fall in front of a gorgeous smoky eye.

How to get the look: The key to this style is the texture. We want the texture to look effortless, not too clean or dirty, and most importantly we don't want it to fall too much. I love using TRESemmé Thermal Creations Curl Activator Spray to create textures like this.