What Hairstyles Will TV’s Dramatic Supporting Cast Wear on Emmy Night?


With only two days to go until Emmy night, we looked to Schwarzkopf Professional Fashion Director Nicole Hartmann and Brand Ambassador Michael Dueñas for their insight into what styles the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama nominees will wear. Check out their opinions below and how to snag the looks for yourself:

Anna Gunn – Dueñas: Anna looks fantastic with a slight tousle in her hair. A Disheveled chignon is perfect for her face. A loose fringe, and a deep side parting, combined with a little volume and a beachy texture. All pulled back to a clean chignon would be so fitting for her!

Hartmann: I love Anna Gunn's shorter hair and like to see her with her hair down, parted on the side and slightly wavy. Done just with a blow dryer and a round brush to give her a tousled and youthful look with her ends a bit straighter.

Maggie Smith – Dueñas: A soft blowout with a little wave is what I picture Maggie with. The softness and volume compliment her face and features. Anything more will look too harsh and hard. Keeping it simple is key, she will let the dress do the talking!

Hartmann: I'd like to see Maggie Smith's hair blow dried with volume and her fringe softly pulled towards her forehead. The look should be finished with a curling iron to add a soft wave and smoothness.

Emilia Clarke – Dueñas: With how well Game of thrones is doing, I wouldn't be surprised if Emilia came ready to wow at the Emmy's. in doing that, I see Emilia wearing a very polished beautiful side swept do, with sweeping fringe and a slight structured wave in the mid lengths of her hair. With her features, she will look breath taking.

Hartmann: I'd like to see Emilia Clark's hair parted in the middle, slicked back into a low braided chignon. She's gorgeous and I feel that look would really show of her features.

Morena Baccarin – Dueñas: With her hair texture, volume is easy. She should work with that! Utilizing a deep side parting and a lot of lift at her roots, a broken down curl to build a tousled shape and the lighter side of her hair slicked to just back behind her ear; would be breath taking!

Hartmann: Morena Baccarin should wear her hair down, parted on the side, very straight and super shiny for a very dramatic look.

Christina Hendricks – Dueñas: Working with her red hair and texture is key. A distressed French twist would work well with any outfit on her! The light will reflect of the hair brilliantly without looking too done up or showing how thick her hair is. With pieces falling down from her parting adding to the tousle, nothing could look better!

Hartmann: I'd love to see Christina Hendricks with her hair up. A deconstructed fishtail braid across her nape with the rest of her hair being wavy and worked loosely into the back, leaving the fringe and her hairline out to add a very sexy and soft element to the look.

Christine Baranski – Dueñas: Christine looks so youthful with a voluminous sleek look, keeping her fringe sweeping towards her face is key. It adds sex appeal and to the bounce of her hair. Slightly more than natural volume is key, too much is well, simply too much.

Hartmann: Christine Baranski's hair is down most of the time. So to change it up a bit, I would suggest waving it softly with a curling iron and very loosely pulling the hair back into a chignon with a lot of texture throughout.