What Happens in Vegas…

Want to gamble till you're rich? Go to Vegas. Want to party till the dawn? Go to Vegas. Want to shop till you drop? Vegas. Eat till you burst? Vegas. Bake with the best of 'em?… Yep, still Vegas. The city of sinners is now the must-visit destination for aspiring pastry chefs.

The brand new School of Pastry Design, founded by celebrity chef and TV culinary artist Chris Hanmer, is offering hands-on classes and programs for novice and advanced bakers. Hamner teaches tourists the basic techniques required to create outstanding chocolate and sugar showpieces. The school also offers tastings and parties for those who prefer to eat their pastries. Creative cooking competitions are held for those serious more about their edible artwork.

To sign up for single or group classes and programs, visit www.theschoolofpastrydesign.com.