What Was Lucy Hale’s Biggest Back-to-School Fashion Faux Pas?


As kids gear up to head back to school, many of us reminisced about our middle and high school days with a laugh at what we wore. Some of the trends that were must-haves back in the day are now either looked back on with a smile or promptly hidden in the back corner of a closet.

Given that stars dress to the nines whenever they step out, it can be hard to imagine them ever committing a fashion faux paux in their younger years. But as it turns out, they've had their moments … from twisties to too much body glitter,

Lucy Hale, who was the previous face of Bongo and now the current face of Mark, admitted that her biggest fashion faux pas from her school days were a pair of heavily glittered blue snow leopard print bell bottoms that she wore in the 6th grade. “Limited too used to have a lot of great sales, so I think I had a lot of questionable items [then],” Hale explained.

We might've had a pair of those back in the day as well. Yikes!