What’s the Secret to Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Look?


Bridal beauty has always been about enhancing your natural features in order to look like the best version of yourself, and Kim Kardashian stuck to that philosophy for her show-stopping wedding in Florence.

Her go-to makeup guru Mario Dedivanovic spilled the secret to her wedding look to Channel Nine’s Mornings show in Australia: contouring, contouring, and more contouring. While some use bronzer to reshape the face, Dedivanovic and many other makeup artists rely on using a foundation a few shades lighter and a few shades darker to enhance the natural peaks and hallows. “Contouring frames the face and chisels the cheeks,” he said in the video clip. “So basically it's putting a little bit of bronzer on the hairline and jawline and on the hollows of the cheeks and the bridge of the nose. It thins out the face and gives warmth to the face.”

If you’ve followed her Instagram feed, you’ve seen the new Mrs. West at every step of the process, which Dedivanovic admitted could take longer than expected for any particular event. “Sometimes it takes 20 minutes, sometimes an hour,” he said. “The most important is to blend, blend, blend.”

To snag the look at home, use a foundation stick to mark off the hollows in the cheeks, temples, along the hairline, and the along the jawline. Pair with a BeautyBlender to properly mix things up–the result is an almost airbrushed finish!