What’s Your Sign? Show Off Your Style with Zodiac Jewelry


Astrology isn’t for everyone, but as long as I’ve been alive it’s been for me. Confession – when I was 9, I wanted to be an astrologer when I grew up! Before that, I wanted to be a farmer. And then I grew up to be a writer. Clearly I always had a sharp business acumen and financial success in my plans.

If I ever got a tattoo, it would most likely be of my zodiac sign. I’m a Pisces and I identify strongly with my fellow fish. But being a Pisces, I can’t quite commit to a permanent symbol on my body. So how do I express my astrological style? With cool pieces of zodiac-inspired jewelry, of course! Check out some of the coolest jewelry designers I’ve discovered, all inspired by the stars.

Isabelle Grace Jewelry – For an understated, elegant, timeless piece of horoscope jewelry, check out Isabelle Grace for cute, simple pendants and beaded bracelets adorned with pearls.

Not Just Any Old Day – Looking for jewelry to commemorate a specific calendar day, or to celebrate your zodiac sign? Check out the key pendants by Not Just Any Old Day, adorned with Swarovski crystals that coordinate with your birthstone color.

Cuprum29 – This designer on Etsy makes really distinctive, minimalist and cool astrological sign brass bangles that would look perfect with a sleeveless maxi dress.

Etsy store Zenned Out makes exquisite, adorable constellation necklaces and bracelets to correlate to your star sign.

Jessica Elliot makes distinctive, brightly colored, teardrop shaped zodiac pendants worth rocking all summer long.

David Aubrey’s wood and gold zodiac pendants are made with deep wood and a dangling brass tassel for extra flair.

Ka Gold Jewelry makes elegant, timeless zodiac pendants that could work for men or women.

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