When False Eyelashes Go Wrong

(For the record, I blame Kim Kardashian. Damn her and her perfectly applied falsies! Now everyone wants that doe-eyed look.)

Fact: We love false eyelashes. Like, LOVE. Yes, they're super hard to apply, and yes, they rarely look totally natural, but who cares?! We can't get over how gorgeous our gaze looks when we're wearing them.

Unfortunately, everyone isn't so lucky.

Jade Ewen, one-third of British girl group Sugababes, was spotted proudly sporting an absolutely horrendous set of spiky faux lashes. And it's such a shame, as her hair and the rest of her makeup is utterly flawless. What a waste!

Maybe it's the band of falsies on her lower lash line that is throwing the look off… Would they look better if she'd resisted the urge to blanket her eyes in this spider-y mess? What do you think? Are Ewen's lashes completely all wrong? Or are we all alone on this one?

xx, India-Jewel Jackson
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