When Models Indulge, Their Choice Is The Same As Ours


Models: they’re just like us! Except, like, not at all. They’re tall and statuesque and flawless and beautiful pretty much all the time, even when they’re not trying to be. After all, that is part of their job (just like part of our job is to look at photos of them longingly from behind our computer screens and, alas, write about them…) and we love ‘em for it. But the three models that we spoke to divulged their guilty pleasures, and surprised us with high-in-sugar-and-all-that-good-stuff answers. Not surprising was the fact that all of their answers happened to be the same. Truth be told, we can’t help but agree with them whole heartedly. We’d even venture to say that all women can level with them on this one, too.

Anja Rubik: Oh, chocolate. Especially at naughty hours. At night, I eat my dinner, I take a shower, brush my teeth and go to bed…and I have chocolate. I love this one called Five Star Chocolate…it’s amazing. I get it at Citarella. There’s a really new amazing chocolate as well – I’m salivating – at Hu Kitchen. They have dark chocolate with sea salt. Amazing.

Karlie Kloss: Dark chocolate. Any kind of dark chocolate. With sea salt and maybe some caramel!

Hilary Rhoda: I have a really big sweet tooth, so chocolate. Not good chocolate – like, M&M’s.