When Moss Meets a Motorcycle for a Matchless Campaign


You know how we know that Kate Moss deserves the title of supermodel? She's one of the few women we will never grow tired of seeing in campaigns, on the pages of magazines, or in party photos. Maybe it's her flawless poses or maybe it's her cooler than you attitude, but there's just something about Moss that makes us swoon over and over again. And Matchless realized just that.

To launch its men's and women's outerwear collections, Matchless, a historic motorcycle brand out of England, brought on the lovely Moss to front the fall campaigns. “We are delighted to be working with Kate Moss on this first Matchless advertising campaign of this new era of the brand,” said Michele Malenotti, Matchless' marketing and business expansion director. “The campaign reflects the heritage of the brand, which we are excited about sharing with Matchless enthusiasts and consumers alike.”

Moss posed for Terry Richardsonat MC Motors, a former warehouse in London’s Hackney alongside male model Andre Van Noord. When the collection launches, you'll be able to channel your inner Moss in leather jackets ranging from $800-$1,940. Being a supermodel doesn't come cheap.