Where in the World is Martin Margiela?

Martin Margiela has long been one of fashion’s most elusive creative forces. Few have ever seen or spoken to the designer and many have wondered if he even exists at all. But since Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts claims him as a graduate, we decided we’d ask one of the Antwerp Six, Walter Van Beirendock about his good friend and classmate. “We were in class together for four years, he was a very normal guy,” said Van Beirendock, who is now head of fashion at the Academy.

But why all the mystery? “What he created was a concept, not to use his name on the label and not to be photographed and it worked well; it was a way to attract attention,” said Van Beirendock. “He was a very talented designer with great vision and I think it’s a pity that in the end Diesel took over his company and is just milking the cow.” Though he refused to gossip or share excess information, Van Beirendock did give us a few details on Margiela.

The Facts on Martin Margiela according to Van Beirendock:

Age: 54
Natural Hair Color: Blond
Height: Tall
Weight: Skinny
Eye Color: Blue
Locale: He is no longer living in Europe!

Above is one of the only existing photos of Margiela and his appearance doesn’t quite match Van Beirendock’s description…but we’ll have to take his word.