Which Snow White Trailer Is Fairest Of All?

Welcome to the ultimate battle royal. Next year, two big studios are releasing two big movies dedicated to the legendary fairy tale, Snow White.

First comes Relativity Media's Mirror, Mirror which will debut in theaters on March 12. The film is directed by a maestro of weird movies, Tarsem Singh, whose credits include the Jennifer Lopez serial killer psychological thriller The Cell (yes, you read that correctly) and most recently, the epic sandal, sword, and Greek god film Immortals. Even more exciting is the casting on this feature. America's favorite sweetheart Julia Roberts will play the Evil Queen with The Blind Side star Lily Collins as her arch-nemesis Snow White. Adding more heat to this stellar line-up is Social Network star Armie Hammer as the Prince, Sean Bean as the King, and funnyman/Broadway vet Nathan Lane as the queen's sidekick Brighton.

Check out the trailer:


The film plays exactly like a romantic comedy- just with magic, dwarves, elaborate sets and costumes, oh and an Evil Queen who seems more snarky than scary. Julia Roberts definitely chews the scenery, playing up the hammy anger; Lily Collins looks clueless yet extremely cheery; and Armie Hammer seems to be the most sane character- that is until he's doused witha puppy love potion that makes him act like, well, a puppy.

While Mirror, Mirror promises to be a romantic fairy-tale comedy, Snow White and the Huntsman is darker, grittier, and scarier. First time director Rupert Sanders is tackling the Universal Pictures project while extremely high profile stars Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart playing the Evil Queen and Snow White respectively. Also in the cast is Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, as the titular Huntsman. The film releases in June, just a few months after Mirror, Mirror.

See how different this film is:


Right off the bat, from the music to the creepy deep voice Theron uses throughout the clip, it's obvious this version of Snow White will be an action adventure. Stewart doesn't get to speak at all, but we get great snippets from Hemsworth and the rest is Theron's for the taking. The battle scenes are epic, the costumes are cool, and Kristen Stewart looks decent as Snow White. Even if the movie ends up being disappointing (we assume it won't be from this brilliant trailer), it's clear that Theron's portrayal of the Evil Queen will be devilishly good.

So which version strikes your fancy (or fantasy)? The campy, kooky Julia Roberts rom-com or the brooding, freaky Charlize Theron epic?