Whip Up a Waterfall Braid with Matrix

We’re not the most creative when it comes to styling our own hair – it either goes up, down, curly or straight. Last week, we added a few new styles to our repertoire thanks to Matrix Artistic Director Ammon Carver. (You can thank him for creating The Hunger Games’ notorious Katniss braid everyone’s wearing.) He gave us the how-to for another style that’s perfect to sport this season: the waterfall braid.

To snag the look for yourself, use Matrix’s Total Results Silk Wonder Oil on the fingertips and piece through the hair. Be careful to avoid the roots directly. Take a section at the front hairline and divide into a 3 pieces like a regular braid but preparing to go diagonally instead of straight back. Start the braid normally – pull the lower strand (closest to the face) across the middle strand and bring the top strand (closest to the crown of the head) across like a normal braid, but let the top one fall with the rest of the hair. Pick up another section from the top of the head to replace the fallen piece and perform the same action around the head as far as you’d like, then pin or tie the braid securely. Add a bit of Design Pulse Mega Dust to finish with some texture.