Whistle While You Shop on Topshop.com!


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We have news that’s going to be music to your ears: Topshop and iTunes have teamed up to bring customers music while they shop the site!

“It’s all about bringing new content into our customer’s environment, and programming the Tophop brand around it,” said Justin Cooke, Topshop’s chief marketing officer. “We want to surprise and delight our customers—and it’s also a way for us to understand their behavior.”

The change will start to take place over the next couple of weeks as the British retailer embeds music tracks “intune with the latest clothing—or ones that reflect the local weather in a given market,” Women’s Wear Daily reports. In addition to offering music (to listen and purchase), the site will allow it’s more bookish shoppers to download a copy of London writer Hadley Freeman’s new book, “Be Awesome: Modern Life for Modern Families.”

What’s next Topshop? First you take over our closets, then our malls, and now our iPods? What do you think of this news?