Who Needs A Billionaire Boyfriend When You Can Smell This Luxurious?

As it turns out, we don’t need a rich, tall, dark, and handsome man by our side to feel like a billion bucks. We figured this out after honing our money-saving skills for years while attempting to curate a Carrie Bradshaw-like wardrobe without the help of our very own Mr. Big. But alas, the billionaire lifestyle has been bottled by Kate Walsh in the form of a first-class fragrance. Billionaire Boyfriend is a companion of a whole different breed; the scent has just the right balance of vibrant floral and smoldering woods and exudes an air of complete opulence. It has a fruity beginning and then settles into a blend of jasmine, velvet orchid, gardenia, and a touch of patchouli flower. Lingering notes of vetiver, cistus, sandalwood, and golden amber finish off this addictive and sensual scent. This kind of sensorial experience, along with the elegant bottle, is enough to convince us that we’re being totally spoiled by some mysterious benefactor. Billionaire Boyfriend boasts an intoxicating scent that’ll lure you into a whimsical life of luxury. Unfortunately, the diamonds and pearls come separately.

Available for $45-75 at Sephora.com and HSN.com.