Who Ya Gonna Call? Sing-a-Long Saul


Annalise Keating may be the woman to help you get away with murder, but for other offenses—drinking too many Long Island Iced Teas before hopping behind the wheel, setting your store on fire to claim an insurance check—you’d better call Saul. Or, at least, sing his song.

AMC may have closed the book on Breaking Bad, but there’s more to the story than Walter White’s saga. Better Call Saul, set to air on AMC, is a prequel to the Bryan Cranston-starrer, and will center around seedy lawyer Saul Berenson and his double-dealing ways. If its link to Breaking Bad weren’t enough, show creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have found a catchy way to reel fans in. 

The pair tapped country star Junior Brown to sing Saul’s praises in “Better Call Saul: The Song,” which likely references plot twists from the upcoming dark comedy. Bob Odenkirkwill reprise his titular role when the series takes flight February 2015, and appears in the accompanying video clip on a television screen, advertising his firm’s “services.” Talk about starting things on a high note.