Whole Foods Opens Its First Salon in Campbell, CA

Whole Foods has been a leader of all natural personal care products, with their own line, 365 Everyday Value, and a number of other organic brands stocking the store shelves for years now. But with the opening of the first West Coast Whole Body Salon in Campbell, California, toxin free beauty becomes an entire style experience.

Campbell’s Whole Body Salon is next door to the Whole Foods Market, an extension of the clean, modern and earth friendly design we’re used to in their grocery stores. The products lining the endless aisles have each passed rigorous testing to confirm they meet the quality of standards as required by Whole Foods. Even the packaging, BPA free and in reusable or recycled bottling, must fulfill certain guidelines.

Longtime consultants of vitamins and supplements, the Whole Foods team at the Whole Body Salon has added beauty product expert to their growing repertoire. To avoid an overwhelming shopping experience, employees are ready to offer explanations of the background and goals of each line to help in the decision making process. The products by Evan Healy aim to overcome outside elements, from pollution to poor diets, and get the rhythm of one’s body back in balance. Dr. Hauschka’s line uses plant-based ingredients that have been harvested in accordance with the cycle of the moon as to not upset the course of nature.

The products didn’t stop at creams and cleansers; an entire cosmetic section boasted an array of makeup with the same results as conventional brands but without the artificial composition. I took a strong liking to the Mineral Fusion line. The powder made for a fine soft coverage that didn’t accentuate or clog pores. The Eye Shadow Trio offered an array of colors matched in threes for easy application. Antioxidants in the makeup, from pomegranate extract to vitamins from sea kelp, aim to fight problem areas while on skin.

Bliss.com editor Nealeigh Mitchell receiving her complimentary skin analysis.

After a walk through of the space, I received a complexion analysis of the surface and subsurface of my skin thanks to the Whole Body vendors, who have partnered to make the machine available free of charge. A $200 retail value, the 3-D powered consultation provides data visualization of the deep layers of your skin. Let me tell you, ignorance is not bliss. From UV spots to dehydrated areas, I received insight into the health of my face’s skin that I had long been oblivious to. A Natural Beauty Advisor recommended products to tackle my individual skin problems and concerns; the Mychelle Apple Brightening Peel to diminish the appearance of sun spots and acne scarring, the Mychelle Perfect C Serum, made up of 17% Vitamin C to support collagen production and help with the dehydration shown around my eyes, and the Mychelle Sun Shield Skin cream to prevent future dangerous UV ray discoloration.

The tour concluded with the lovelyist of mani pedis, odor free thanks to the exclusive usage of formaldehyde and chemical free all natural products. While there are six Whole Body Salons around the country, Campbell’s store is the first with a nail salon. I chose a polish by Mineral Fusion in deep burgundy for my fingers and a neutral shade for my toes, as there were too many hues to go with only one. A hot stone massage released tension in my hands and feet and the beautiful flowers in my pedicure bowl made the experience especially luxurious. Best of all, I could enjoy the appointment self assured that my health and body was safe amidst the toxin free products and extra sanitary precautions. After all, beauty should be worry free.